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                                            José Martí
                                                                                  Cuba (1853-1895)

                                                                         "yo soy un hombre sincero
                                                                          De donde crece la ..."

Cuban poeta and freedom figther. One of the most revered revolutionaries writers in the continent, Martí would reflect in his lyrics and his prose his wishes to see Cuba free from Spanish rule. His works speak of a free continent, where peace, justice and equality would be part of the social fabric. He, unlike the Argentinean Sarmiento, spoke of incorporating the native elements into the new society, especially blacks and Indians who were still oppressed in the new freed states. His most famous works are the essay Nuestra América, and the poems Ismaelillo (1882) y Versos sencillos (1891). He died at the hands of the Spaniards.