Andrés Bello

                                                                                   Venezuela (1781-1865)

                                                                      "volved a los campos y la vida sencilla..."

A patriot and a poet, Bello was an erudite with very progressive ideas. He thought that the new republics in Latin America needed to foster education to get ahead; he also saw that the Spanish language would be the great unifying element in the continent. Bello was a Romantic and a Neoclassicist. He owns to the former his love of nature and then believe of the goodness and  corruptibility of mankind; from the former he drew his didactic tells, and his wish of going back to the countryside seen thought his works. He believed that Latin Americans should stop looking to Europe for guidance, and  should instead concentrate in their own resources as the basis of their development. His famous works are Alocución a la poesía and Silva a la agricultura de la zona tórrida. Gramática de la lengua castellana (1835).
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