Rómulo Gallegos
                                                                                 Venezuela (1884-1969)

Gallegos was a writer drawn to regionalismo, that is, the attempt to redefine the Latin American soul in native terms. He saw that an emphasis on the values of living in the countryside would counteract the urban values which he saw them as too European. Galllegos, in his famous Doña Bárbara (1929), sets out to provide an example of how to incorporate theVenezuelan native into the larger polity. Although, his objective was probably invigorating, he uses stereotypes, and old pre-conceived ideas about what civilization and barbarie are. The rescue of Marisela (the native) by the white man, Luzardo, is nothing but the reemphasizes of the superiority of European culture which reportedly he was rejecting. Doña Bárbara could be an example of Orientalist  writing which always sees the Other as something to label, exclude and control.
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